Asset Monetization Partners 

 * Real Estate Syndication & Advisory * U.S. SEC Reg C, D, S Private Placement Memorandums, Reg A+ Offerings * Commercial Investment Mortgages (Trust Borrowers) * 
* Land Trust & Perrsonal Property Trust Guidance, Private Equity & Debt Structuring * Commercial Leasing * Buyer Brokerage * Acquisitions  *
* BlockChain & Cryto Currency Guidance (Initial Coin Offering (Utility vs Security Token) Private Placement and Offering Memorandums *

At Asset Monetization Partners we want to understand where the friction is in your pursuit of capital; to that end, we offer the following three Private Client Services to savy Entrepreneurs: 

(a) Venture Vetting

(b) Capital Raise Advisory

(c) Management Advisory / Consulting Contracts. 

You can avoid burning valuable time, and making unnecessary and costly mistakes: pay professionals early on so that you can work toward advancing your project instead of working for your project. We have been where you are, we have the experience to lead you in the right direction and the strength to tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. 

Contact Joseph M. Budetti today for a free private and confidential consultation regarding your current or future venture. You'll be glad you did.