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* BlockChain & Cryto Currency Guidance (Initial Coin Offering (Utility vs Security Token) Private Placement and Offering Memorandums *

Joseph M. Budetti, Principal

Mr. Budetti has extensive financial industry experience with contacts worldwide. Since 1984 he has been an active real estate investor and entrepreneur. As CEO, he built one of the largest private real estate and mortgage organizations in North Florida generating nearly $10M dollars in annual sales commissions from nearly a Billion Dollars in transaction volume during the 2006/07 market cycle. He is a two time recipient of the INC 500 fastest growing private companies in America award and has been noted in Forbes. He has the experience, drive, contacts and skills to assist you in your most complex of transactions.

Since 2007 Mr. Budetti has assisted companies and investors with consulting and advisory services in the following areas: Private Placement Offerings; Lump Sum Payments for Future Cash-flows;  Debt and Equity Structuring; Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Bailout Funding; Real Estate Development Syndication; Real Estate Investment Syndication; Commercial Bridge Loans; Funding to Real Estate held in Trust; Personal Property Trust Creation; Non-Recourse Mortgage Funding and more. 

He has experience in the following spaces: Canadian Government Claim Funding; Casino and Gaming Capital Raise; Medical Outpatient Facility Capital Raise; Medical Marijuana Capital Raise; Real Estate Development Capital Raise; Start-up Funding; Seed Capital; Angel Investors; International Government Start-up Grants etc.

Today, Mr. Budetti is working with US and International clients expanding access to financial resources worldwide. He (of Counsel) is also the Senior Advisor to Counsel, to a group of Attorney's expanding into SEC Securities Offerings, both registration exempt as well as A+ IPO offerings. An important focus of their work is to expand International capital access to US based enterprises through the use of SEC Regulation S offshore. 

They also intend to assist National and International Blockchain and Cryto - Currency companies navigate the SECs regulations regarding utility tokens and security tokens. Assisting in guiding companies through their capital raising efforts in compliance with the SECs regulations is a very important goal.

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Mr. Joseph M Budetti, US Licensed/ International Real Estate Broker/Advisor