Asset Monetization Partners 

 * Real Estate Syndication & Advisory * U.S. SEC Reg C, D, S Private Placement Memorandums, Reg A+ Offerings * Commercial Investment Mortgages (Trust Borrowers) * 
* Land Trust & Perrsonal Property Trust Guidance, Private Equity & Debt Structuring * Commercial Leasing * Buyer Brokerage * Acquisitions  *
* BlockChain & Cryto Currency Guidance (Initial Coin Offering (Utility vs Security Token) Private Placement and Offering Memorandums *

No matter where you plan to go or what you plan to do, you'll never do it alone. You will always need others to help you on your path to success.

Co-Founder – If your new venture requires a co-founder with 20 plus years of corporate finance experience, then this may be a desirable option. We first start off with project vetting, then after the final report is issued, Mr. Budetti and the other founders will review the report and make decisions regarding how best to move the venture forward based on those results. The shares of interests in the venture are to be negotiated and agreed to pursuant to a written agreement between the founders prior to the project vetting service. Overall terms are Negotiable.

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