Asset Monetization Partners 

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* Land Trust & Perrsonal Property Trust Guidance, Private Equity & Debt Structuring * Commercial Leasing * Buyer Brokerage * Acquisitions  *
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Featured Mortgage Programs

CMBS - Multi-Unit Residential Housing Package Funding:

10 Unit Minimum Home Package

Renovated, Stabilized with 90% Occupancy

Blanket Mortgage

Minimum $500K to $50MM

Unlimited Funding Available

Asset Based Not Credit Driven

Up to 75% LTV (appraisals) or 75% LTC the lower of the two

Up to 10 Yr term, Fixed Rate, 30 Yr Amo

Rates around 6% (subject to change)

8.0% CAP minimum

90 day investor title seasoning

Must close in name of corporate entity

Need: proforma, rent rolls and a spreadsheet of specific information (details to be given upon contact)

Residential Investor Funding:

Up to 70% LTV

3 Year Arm Fixed at 8.5% rate

30 Amo

Fix and Flip Funding or Buy and hold for cash-flow

Purchase Money Mortgage

Cash-out Refi

Self Directed IRA

Foreign Nationals

Close in name of Land Trust, LLC or other Corp Entities

Investment Properties Only 1-4 Unit, Multi family, Mixed Use, Commercial

Asset  Based, Not Credit Based

No owner occupants, no homestead property

Need basic forms completed to get started contact us to get started.

We Fund:

Apartment Communities (Multi-family)

Mobile Home Parks

Commercial Properties

Medical Facilities

Strip Centers and Malls

Single Tenant Buildings





Investment Properties: Town Homes, Four Plexes, Condos, Single Family Homes

Bulk Housing Packages

You name it, we can fund it as long as the math works!

Contact us for more details.