Asset Monetization Partners 

 * Real Estate Syndication & Advisory * U.S. SEC Reg C, D, S Private Placement Memorandums, Reg A+ Offerings * Commercial Investment Mortgages (Trust Borrowers) * 
* Land Trust & Perrsonal Property Trust Guidance, Private Equity & Debt Structuring * Commercial Leasing * Buyer Brokerage * Acquisitions  *
* BlockChain & Cryto Currency Guidance (Initial Coin Offering (Utility vs Security Token) Private Placement and Offering Memorandums *

Management Consulting Contract: On an interim basis, Joseph M. Budetti can be contracted as the Director of Finance or the Chief Financial Officer for a term from 6 months up to one year. In this regard, Mr. Budetti can manage and direct all aspects of the company’s efforts to inspire private and or institutional investors to invest in the project or endeavor. Mr. Budetti will work closely with founders to keep the project moving forward. Cost: $20,000 USD monthly with Two months paid in advance; there may be other financial requirements to be determined based upon the nature of the venture.

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