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* Real Estate Syndication

* Acquisitions

* Real Estate Buy & Flip Investments

* Cash-flow and Income Properties

* Financial Evaluation

* Broker Valuation Opinions (BPO)

* Deal Vetting

* Mortgage Funding

* Tenant Representation 

* Renovation Management

* Exclusive Marketing, Listing and Resale Services

* Confidential Deal Structuring & Consulting

* Multiple Asset Classes

* Site Locating & Evaluations

* Capital Raise & Introductions

* Venture Funding

* Hard Money Lending

* Private Placement Memorandum (In conjunction with a strategic legal partner relationship)

* Franchise Offerings

* Business Brokerage (Equity and Asset Purchase)

* Complex deals involving Probate, Bankruptcy, Pre-foreclosure, Short sale, Foreclosure,         Multiple Heirs, Tax Liens, other Encumbrances and Auctions etc.

* Contract Funding

* Medical Claim Funding

* Medical Bill Factoring

* Account Factoring and Credit Card Funding


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