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Real Estate Syndication: The art of bringing all elements and parties to a transaction together, synchronized so that a transaction can occur; whereby the Syndicator contractually controls the deal and all its elements by: (a) negotiating and contracting directly with the seller or seller's authorized agent; (b) inviting the participation of passive investors/private equity partners; (c) creating the proposed deal structure within a private memorandum offering; (d) guide the formation of multi-tiered asset protection legal structures (Land Trust, LLC, LLP, LLLP, Sub-S Corp) with the Attorneys; (e) sourcing and

negotiating any leverage directly with the lender (if any); (f) structuring the terms of the shareholders/members operating agreement to the satisfaction of the equity partners, lawyers and any lender; (g) working with the other parties to the transaction such as: Title Agent, Insurance Agent, CPA, Property Management, Attorney, Appraiser, Surveyor, Probate and Bankruptcy Court, Environmental Engineer, Escrow and Closing Agent, etc.

The benefits of this arrangement is that the syndicator brings a fully vetted deal pre-packaged and pre-analysed to the investors so that their sole decisions are based on whether they like the proposed offering returns and whether to write a check and if so, for how many shares. The syndicator can perform any or all other pre- and post- closing functions including: property management, renovation management, and exclusive marketing and resale services.

Other benefits include that the syndicator is the "one" person who can get the deal done expeditiously without a committee meeting because we all know that the best deals move quickly so time is always of the essence. The ability to move quickly enables the real estate syndicator to capture deals with exceptional returns.

Further, for complex deals involving probate, bankruptcy, pre-foreclosure, short sale, foreclosure, and auctions etc. an experienced and knowledgeable syndicator can pull all of the most complex pieces together and deal directly with the decision makers to find agreeable resolutions through proper professional dealing and negotiating.

To discuss: (a) syndicating your property; OR (b) investing in deals that we are currently syndicating, please contact Joseph M. Budetti directly by using our contact form provided.


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