Asset Monetization Partners 

 * Real Estate Syndication & Advisory * U.S. SEC Reg C, D, S Private Placement Memorandums, Reg A+ Offerings * Commercial Investment Mortgages (Trust Borrowers) * 
* Land Trust & Perrsonal Property Trust Guidance, Private Equity & Debt Structuring * Commercial Leasing * Buyer Brokerage * Acquisitions  *
* BlockChain & Cryto Currency Guidance (Initial Coin Offering (Utility vs Security Token) Private Placement and Offering Memorandums *

Pick a door, any door. In the world of finance, almost everybody is willing to sell you a private placement memorandum offering statement but which one is the door which leads you to success?

Here at AMP, we don't sell fill in the blank documents, we partner with you in achieving your ambitions through proper advisory and guidance. Of course, we will work together with you to draft a legally compliant offering circular. But we will never sell you a blank fill in the blank form. 

Private Placement Memorandum Offering: The Jump Start our Business Startups Act or (Jobs Act) of 2012 created a plethora of new funding opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in the US capital markets. Whether it’s a private capital raise, a direct public offering or a smaller crowd funding event, we can help guide you through the complexity. Each of the capital raise processes mentioned above require SEC mandated disclosures which we produce through our law firm associates. With the help of management, we can compile the information necessary to draft a legally sufficient offering circular. When finished, management can distribute the offering to investors. Cost: $30,000 USD - a 40% payment is required upon engagement, and 35% is due upon rough draft; and the final 25% is due prior to the release of the final version.

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