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Asset Monetization Partners

Private Client Group

AMP was created as an International Boutique Services Firm to assist

High Net Worth Individual Investors, Entrepreneurs,

Banks and Corporations with the Monetization of their Assets.


Capital Markets

We specialize is providing Commercial, Multifamily and Residential Investment mortgages and with access to specialized financing programs, you're sure to get an offer that will meet your  needs.



We can assist in your acquisition of: Multifamily, Hotels, Development Land, Businesses, Franchises, Retail Sites, Warehouse, Commercial Property, etc. Our extensive network and market knowledge enable us to identify the best opportunities and negotiate favorable terms.


Real Estate Syndication

Invest in our vetted Real Estate Projects as a Limited Liability Partner with a group of like-minded Investors. Benefit from Defined Risks and Shared Returns. With AMP, Gain access to Lucrative Investment Opportunities.

Mortgage Notes

We can Participate in the Monetization of Performing and Non-performing Real Estate Notes.

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