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Hidden Testimonials

Joe is an expert listener who gives candid and non biased opinions based on real world experiences. Learning from him has been instrumental in my advancement as a businessman. Call him to find out how he can help you.Quotes



I was involved with a group which had a distressed real estate project that needed funding. The project floundered for over a year until Joe was brought in. Less than 45 days later he had commitments from investors for 1.3M which was enough to fulfill the private placement. Joe is very experienced in private placement capital raises, give him a call.Quotes

R. Kennedy


Joe was referred to us for a capital raise and quite frankly we were very impressed with the speed in which he was able to fund the project. His professionalism is top-notch; if he says he can do it, he will get it done. Contact Joe to discuss how he can help you with your project.Quotes

R. Peal


When others were encouraging us to further invest in residential real estate, Joe told us point blank - "We have reached the top - SELL". I have made multiple real estate investments with Joe and he has always followed through to the end.Quotes

S. Hill

President, Wood Treaters

Joe has given me market perspective and demonstrated an uncanny ability to sense macro-market conditions. I highly recommend talking to him about your current situation - he can help guide you.Quotes



Joe gave me early insights into the mortgage meltdown - way before it hit main stream media - listening to him gave me insights into the market I wasn't currently aware of.Quotes


Louisianna Judge

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